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You can teach a child a lesson for a day

but if you teach them to learn by creating curiosity

they will continue the learning process as long as they live.


Infant Program

Parents and teachers, together, will meet to develop an appropriate schedule, teachers give advice and parents get to express their individuals needs and wants. Continuous communication between the staff and parents ensures your child’s first transition away from home will be successful. We use  the Daily Connect App to record each infant’s feeding and napping schedule, along with their activities and developments for that day. Our teacher’s priority is to make your new born feel safe, comfortable and happy while mommy and daddy are away at work.


Toddler Program

Children strive when given boundaries and structure. Upon entering the Toddler classroom, the children have seen a little bit of a schedule from their previous classroom but we step it up a notch here. All meal times, potty breaks, stations, outside time, choice play, and group times will be on a schedule, giving the children a good sense of what to expect each and every day. Teachers also will ask you when and how you would like to start potty training in this classroom, we respect whatever your choice is but will give you our professional opinion.


Preschool Program

This classroom should feel more like school due to our added Group Time and STATIONS. Group time gives children a chance to engage more language and social skills. Children will learn to raise their hands, answer questions, communicate in a dialogue, take turns, and listen/relate to their peers. We use group time to talk about the changing seasons, weather, calendar, and themes of the week to cover our classroom walls or to take home and share with family.


Pre-Kindergarten Program

Teachers from this class work closely with the teachers from the preschool room in making the transition for the children as smooth as possible, the transition happens right around age 4 depending on their development and space availability. Preschool assessments will be completed before entering this classroom and the children take another large step towards getting ready for kindergarten. We add 4 more stations to their daily schedule and work on cutting nap times out in preparation for all day kindergarten.