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It is very important to us that you as a parent are completely secure with your child attending First Steps Child Care Center. Here are some questions that many parents ask.

What Qualifications do the teachers have?

Each classroom has a designated “Classroom Lead Teacher” this teacher must meet qualification requirements enforced by the Department of Human Services Licensing Division. First Steps also requires this teacher to have Parent Aware required credentials. He/She develops and implements age appropriate lesson plans and assesses the student’s development with the help of the Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment tool. He/She must also preform conferences based on the assessment twice yearly and identify educational goals in partnership with student’s parents/guardians. All staff must complete CPR, First Aid and Basic Child Development courses to be employed by First Steps. First Steps only hires the most qualified and experienced candidates.

Does First Steps accept Child Care Assistance?

Yes, please speak with Executive Director, Cassie Fenstra for more details.

How often are conferences?

Conferences based on the Parent Aware, Minnesota approved Teaching Strategies GOLD Assessments are offered twice per year in February and August.

Does First Steps offer Enrichment Programs?

Yes, Enrichment programs are offered September through May with the traditional public school year. Enrichment options are voted on by parents in August. We’ve offered “Yoga,” “Music,” The Great Outdoors,” “Spanish,” “Cooking Class,” ect. We are also open to suggestions and welcome parent volunteers.

What kind of security does First Steps offer?

All doors leading into First Steps are locked, parents and staff use a security code to enter the building. If for some reason a parent forgets the code, there is a door bell to call a Director to the door. Doors are only locked from the outside, giving children and staff the ability to leave the building in case of an emergency, these exits also sound an alarm when opened to inform teachers of unwanted exiting.


Don’t See the Answer You Need?

We want to make sure all of your questions are answered. Cassie would be happy to discuss any concerns you may have.